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XL20i Systems have a rating up to 20.00 SEER. Trane's Dual Compressor Technology is used in this Premium System. For example, The XL20i 4 ton system has a 4 ton compressor and a 2 ton compressor.

Test's in the south Florida market have shown that 80% of the time, the XL20i system will run only on the first stage 2 ton compressor, which uses less than one half the amount of electricity. The 4 ton compressor will turn on only 20% of the time translating into tremendous savings in your Electric Bill usage.

The larger compressor only comes on when It is needed. Florida utility companies are so convinced that this type of system will lower your Electric Bill, and in turn lower their demand for power consumption, that they are willing to pay as much as 2,000 dollars towards your purchase of this Premium System.

The XL20i carries a twelve year compressor, and a 10 year all parts warranty. You can use the Finance Calculator on this page to estimate your monthly payments for your new Trane system. You can also estimate the amount of money that you will be saving monthly and yearly, on your electric bill from our Savings Calculator page.

In most situations you will notice that the monthly savings from your lower electric bill usage, will exceed the cost of the financing payment. Giving you a new Trane high efficiency system that not only has paid for itself, but will create substansial savings both now and in the future. You will also enjoy the greatest possible humidity control and Cooling comfort for your home possible.

Trane's patented technology far exceeds anything that our competition has to offer. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that you own a 10 Year Full Guarantee on every single part of your new system. If you are still unsure about how much you will actually save, go to our Home Energy Audit page. We will perform a home evaluation for you and let you know exactly what your savings will be.